Real Estate Brokerage

Whether you are a tenant seeking new space, or a landlord wanting to lease, buy, or sell, we're ready to tackle it.

maintaining a constant state of evolution in the 40 years since

Over the years, real estate brokerage has been the major focus of Martek’s business. Our team has crafted hundreds of unique deals, serving the needs of our diverse set of clients. We’ve represented people on all sides of the transaction: landlords and tenants; purchasers and sellers.

If knowledge is power, consider us superheroes.

Creating happy spaces and healthy investments.

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Landlord's Representative

Martek represents landlords across the province seeking to fill vacant spaces with successful tenants. We work with all property types—from residential to commercial to industrial, and everything in between—and we always aim to structure leases that maximize value. We genuinely believe that quality tenants increase the value of a property, so we seek tenants who will treat your space with care and are likely to stay put for years to come.

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Tenant's representative

As a tenant’s representative, our team’s first priority is understanding your business. After that, we become the matchmaker—setting up the perfect marriage between your business and its new space. We think creatively about neighbourhood and neighbours while assessing your individual needs, and we use our relationships with landlords to propose competitive win-win offers.

Purchaser's Representative

We know real estate, and we’re confident we can guide you towards a thoughtful acquisition. With our large network of property owners and real estate investors, we often become aware of opportunities before they hit the market. And we don’t just consider the state of the built asset—we see the long-term viability of the property as well. We’ll work with you to understand your vision along with your investment criteria and ensure that the deal lines up with your goals.

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Seller's Representative

If you’re looking to divest from a real-estate asset, we probably know someone who would like to take it off your hands. With our extensive network of investors and our knowledge of their risk profiles and areas of interest, we can identify potential buyers quickly and privately. Our team of deal-makers draws on market expertise to ensure fair prices for our clients’ properties.

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