Property Management

Largest Property Management Company in Newfoundland.

maintaining a constant state of evolution in the 40 years since

We’re proud to be the largest third-party property management company in the province. (“Third-party property management” means that we’re responsible for overseeing the management of real estate assets owned by others.) We’ve earned this position as the provincial provider of choice—and the faith of our clients—through decades of excellence.

Property management involves oversight of the various aspects of operating a building. At Martek, we tailor our management agreements to our clients’ needs—some may wish to oversee certain aspects of the building themselves, while others choose to be entirely hands off. We can either fill in the gaps where you need us or take on your entire property. The choice is yours.

Stress less. Generate more.

We micro-manage your building. In the best way.

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ASSET management

Martek oversees your building, ensuring it remains up-to-date and in good condition. Our team works with qualified contractors to carry out required inspections and cover maintenance issues that may arise. And if we see opportunities to save you money by addressing issues proactively—we always speak up.

It’s natural that client relations go hand-in-hand with overseeing leased properties. We work with those using the building to maintain their comfort and expectations.

And our team is also capable of overseeing large projects, should you need us. Who better to carry out building upgrades than the people who know the property most intimately?

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Financial Management

Rent needs to be collected and bills need to be paid. This is an integral component of our management services and we’re happy to handle it for our clients. Our experienced accounting and collections team has seen it all. Supported by the latest digital accounting cloud-based systems, we use our expertise to make sure you’re getting the most out of your real estate investment.

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The life blood of real estate assets is high-quality, diversified tenants. Attracting and retaining good tenants requires people skills! Thankfully, we have them. And our focus on the people at the heart of the business helps to smooth the sometimes-rough edges of lease negotiations. There’re a natural synergy between managing and leasing property— visit our Brokerage page to learn more about our team and services

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