Reinventing. Daily.


For 40 years, we've been thinking like owners but acting like managers.

When you ask us, “What’s new?” be prepared to stick around for a while. Because the answer is a long one. You’ll hear about new buildings, new ideas and new processes. We may have long-term client relationships, but they rely on us to be forward-thinking. That’s what being an industry leader in Newfoundland and Labrador is all about. So even though we bring 40 years of experience to the game, we’re not afraid to spice it up now and then. That’s keeping it fresh.

Square feet under management
assets under management

Reinventing, every day.

Expanded in Nova Scotia.

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Largest commercial property management company in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Became the largest third party property management in firm in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Becoming a 'Solution Provider'

Martek developed a reputation as a “solution provider”, able to address the myriad demands and perceived obstacles associated with real estate deals. Martek worked hand-in-hand with clients, including investors, buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants, in the pursuit of deals that addressed their unique needs.

Reached a milestone of 30 employees

Staffed by professionals who view management and leasing as an intellectual challenge, Martek’s team is at its best when faced with complicated financing, a large tenant fit-up, or a unique set of circumstances around a tenant’s lease.Reinventing itself all the time, Martek is proud to say that as a company, it evolves every day.

Founded to help entrepreneurs.

Initially founded to aid young entrepreneurs in their pursuit of success, the business quickly found an unoccupied niche honing in on creative solutions to real estate challenges in the province. Operating in what was a relatively stagnant industry at the time

WE're alot of things.
Being typical isn't one of them.
a photo of the Vice Presidents of MartekA photo of the President of Martek, Paul Northa photo of Ed Nash in an industrial commercial space.Team photo of Martek's Accounting Team in Downtown St. John'sA Photo of Wayne Purchase on top of Atlantic Place in Downtown St. John's
We don't just see space. We see opportunity.
Our team in the Atlantic Place In St. John's, office.

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